New Website: Under Construction

What Happened?

Why did I tear down my whole site to undertake the construction of a new website? Good question! About a year ago, I decided to take a break from this blog. I was feeling a general sense of boredom and a need for change, but I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do with my time, copious as it is.

That is when I returned to a favorite hobby, baking.

When my daughter was growing up, I used to bake for her, and her group of friends. I had a habit of running through the steps and tips as I moved through a recipe, even if no one was really listening. Not unlike the training classes I created while I was working, the idea of sharing what I know with others has always given me joy.

Under Construction

So, here we are, back to the blog. No longer focused daily on every little aspect of my health, I have felt better. Staying occupied contributes positively to my health, even if all of the sugar and butter is not. To that end, I have removed my health posts so that I may begin sharing my love of the kitchen with you. A YouTube channel at WhatTheJules will follow. Like this blog, I have considerable re-engineering to do.

Here we are, off to the races. I hope you enjoy these recipes and tips as much as I enjoy sharing them.

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