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Pass The Salt

Can different kinds of salt be used interchangeably? While all salt is equal in its saltiness, each has its place. Salt in baking and cooking brings out flavors. Making the sweet sweeter and the bitter less bitter, it is a versatile and necessary ingredient. For most recipes, using the wrong version of this miracle mineral …

recipe in jewish cookbook

Bake Twice, Serve Once

Have you ever prepared a dessert that looked beautiful but for one reason or another was a total fail? A failed bake is one of my greatest fears. When I cook, I can taste as I go and know that what I am plating tastes fantastic. For many desserts, tasting the finished product will ruin …

frosted yellow cake

The Best Yellow Cake

The Quest For The Best Yellow Cake When you bake a birthday cake the chances are it is going to be a yellow cake. I like this simple cake because it doesn’t require much decoration. I am terrible at decorating cakes. I should keep practicing my cake decoration skills with the same passion I put …

Everything Bagels

The Satisfaction of Bagel Making

If It’s Tuesday, I Am Bagel Making Bagels, with their distinctive chewy exterior and a soft interior, are lovely to eat warm, toasted, or right out of the oven. (ouch, hot!) There is no doubt that the single most consumed food in my house is the bagel. Because of our high bagel consumption, and to …

fudgey vanilla bundt

Fudgey Vanilla Bundt Cake

This post contains links to suggested products. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s A Bundt! We all remember the Bundt cake that became a character in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. The Bundt is not just in the movies, this traditional round pan with the hole in it can be found …


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